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@risingtidebeer on the next SBL Podcast!

Thanks again for all those who have listened and provided great feedback. Myself and the panelists absolutley love doing it continue to improve. To catch up on the shows and to see what we...

Episode 2 – Beard Spice

Carla, Norm, Mike, Sean, Ryan and I discuss a range of topics this week. Topics Beer bottle thrown at Usain Bolt (other Olympic talk) Hugh Sissons clarifies comments about Gypse brewers

Quantity of Breweries vs. Quality of Beers

In New England alone, there has been a recent surge of new breweries to the market. Which makes me think there is something to be said in this day in age of craft beer about a Brewery that hits home runs with all of their beer.

Beverage Lab Best of 2011

Beverage Lab Best of 2011

2011 was a pother banner year for craft beer. I attended more events and drink many more different brands/styles of beer at more places than ever before. I guess that’s the tough job of...

#MEBeerWeek Photo Journal

Maine Beer week continues! From Nov 10 to Nov 17 Maine is celebrating their breweries by doing events all across the state. I figured I would have my own little celebration as well as...