Calendar on Your Phone

The ultimate experience is having the most up to date events on your phone as you are walking around the Seacoast area. For those tech savvy readers, here are some steps you can follow to sync the calendar right to you phone.

Note: The easiest way without syncing is to visit the site on your phone. The instructions below are fore iPhone. Click here for other phones.


Google Account

Step 1:

Go to the Calendar page and click the button to add the calendar to your google calendar.

Step 2:

Follow these instructions if you dont already have your gmail set up on your phone


Follow these instructions to sync the Calendar with your phone. Be sure to check the ‘Seacoast Beverage Lab’ box

Step 4:

Open the calendar on your phone and you should see the events! (allow a minute or so for calendar to load)

Voila! (click to enlarge)

Problems with the instructions? Let me know.