2012 Beer Advent Calendar

When @2beerguys and I went to Portland for the 2011 Beer Bloggers conference, we were amazed by the amount of camaraderie between all of the bloggers, east coast and west coast.

To give thanks and to give back, 2beerguys and I decided to host a collaborative Beer Advent Calendar. Each day you will read a review of a beer written by bloggers you may or may not know. Our goal was to have 31 different bloggers writing a review of a different beer, totaling 31 for the month.

The concept of the Advent Calendar is religious and only lasts 25 days, we understand that. But to have fun with the idea we are extending the calendar to the full 31 days and having no religious ties to it. Just think of it as a fun way to celebrate beer and beer bloggers during the holidays. Check back here every day for a new post from a different blogger. Cheers!

December 1- @CraftBeerEd

Southern Tier Krampus Presented by Ian

Traveling along side St. Nicholas was The Krampus, a horned creature with one human foot and one cloved goat hoof. (Click image above for full review)


December 2- @SeacoastBevLab

Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Presented by Brian of @SeacoastBevLab

Buffalo Sweat is the stout you want to have in the can. In it’s own right, the stout is malty and sweet, and it’s light enough to enjoy year round. (Click image above for full review)


December 3- @ThirstyNoBeard

Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Presented by Rayn of @2Beerguys

Gnar-Gnar Lumpkin, the shreddingist snowman this side of Nantucket Sound, likes nothing better than catching a wave on his board…a Cisco wave that is, cold, fresh, and wicked cool!(Click image above for full review)


December 4- @BeerBabe

Goose Island Christmas Ale Presented by Carla aka @BeerBabe

I am a fan of some spiced beers, I enjoy seeking out new seasonal beers, and I really enjoy trying anything new. When I was on the hunt for a Christmas beer to review for this series, I was looking for something that I had not yet tried – which can sometimes be a challenge.(Click image above for full review)


December 5- @2BeerGuys

Redhook Winterhook Presented by Sean of @2Beerguys

Traveling down memory lane, I first sampled Redhook Winterhook in 2006 with @CraftBeerEd and @ThirstyNoBeard. We were pleasantly surprised to discover the smooth malty Winterhook, which was absent of the traditional winter spices. (Click image above for full review)


December 6- @BrewDad

Winterfish Presented by @BrewDad

Every year around Olympia WA we have a tradition of drinking a great beer that comes out once a year. We look and can’t wait for the Fish Tale Brewing Organic Winterfish.(Click image above for full review)


December 7- @FNBarrett

Schell’s Snowstorm Presented by Frank aka @FNBarrett

If you’ve never had anything from Schell’s, you have no idea what you’re missing out on, which is why I’m going to tell you. Nestled in the hills of New Ulm, MN, Schell’s has been cranking out awesome beers for the last 150+ years, at least 5 of which I can vouch for.(Click image above for full review)


December 8- @aljpeace

He’Brew Jewbelation Presented by Amber aka @aljpeace

Last year Sean and I decided to pick up the pack and try our luck at tasting all 8 of the tasty brews while each night lighting a candle (which sits on top of the empty beer bottle) and learn a little about Chanukah..(Click image above for full review)


December 9- @BrewEngland

Baxter Brewing Phantom Punch Stout Presented by Adam & Sarah of BrewEngland.com

The Phantom Punch Winter Stout is the third installment of their new seasonal line, and each one seems to be getting better. The stout packs an extra little punch at 6.8% ABV, so it will help you keep warm in the cold winter months…..(Click image above for full review)


December 10- @GrowlerFills

Face Plant Doppelweizen Presented by Alan of GrowlerFills.Blogspot.com

This is a fantastic seasonal selection from Montana’s first craft brewery that serves as a signal that winter is here – at least by the temperatures, flying snow, and the start of ski season. It’s dark brown color, ruby highlights and biscuit colored head suggest you’re in for…(Click image above for full review)


December 11- @BillyBroas

5 Golden Rings Presented by Billy Broas of BillyBrew.com

This year’s offering is 5 Golden Rings, a strong golden Belgian Ale brewed with pineapple juice and spices. This year marks the first departure in base style from a dark ale, perhaps to give a special nod to the most climactic verse in the song.(Click image above for full review)


December 12- @ChipperDave

Bristol Brewing Winter Warlock Presented by Dave Butler of FermentedlyChallenged.com

Winter Warlock only comes out to play during the latter months of the year and lasts through the holidays and throughout the winter. This classic dark brew is a regional favorite that many look forward to sharing every year. The colder months…(Click image above for full review)


December 13- @LeeMovic

Columbus Brewing Winter Warmer Presented by Lee Movic of BeerMeBartender.wordpress.com

Pouring the beer into my newly acquired Anderson Valley Brewing Company ‘can glass’, I found the aroma familiar but couldn’t place it immediately.(Click image above for full review)


December 14- @Chaddah

Newcastle Winter IPA Presented by Chad Lothian of If My Coast Could Talk

I haven’t had a Newcastle in quite some time, the Brown ale was one of my “stepping stones” into the craft beer world and I occasionally sample the seasonals …(Click image above for full review)


December 15- @RealBeerNut

Newcastle Corsendonk Christmas Presented by Norman Miller aka Beer Nut

When I think about Christmas beers, my thoughts always drift toward Belgian ales. Some of the best winter beers brewed are Belgian Christmas ales, and Corsendonk Christmas Ale is one of the best of those beers.(Click image above for full review)


December 16- @Sodakbeer

Nutcracker Winter Warmer Presented by Dale Miskimins of Sodakbeer.com/

Boulevard is the largest craft brewery in the Midwest (great plains). They make many good beers and since this is their Christmas offering, I chose it for the “31 Beers of December”.(Click image above for full review)


December 17- @Mmcooljam

Pelican Pub & Brewery Mother of All Storms Presented by Michael Umpress of PDXBeerGeeks.com/

This is my most highly anticipated winter seasonal, and the beer that sold me on barrel aging. In the past you used to have to make a special trip out to the coast to get some…(Click image above for full review)


December 18- @Sanborn13

Shipyard Bourbon Barrel Aged Prelude Special Ale Presented by James Sanborn of InsuranceGuyBeerBlog.com

Prelude has long been one of my favorite winter beers. I drank Prelude in college while others were drinking the cheapest beer they could find. When I saw Shipyard was releasing a Bourbon Barrel Aged version of Prelude I knew I had to try it. Fortunately Bier Cellar in Portland was able to put a bottle aside for me…(Click image above for full review)


December 19- @PairBeer

Telegraph Winter Ale Presented by Zachary Rosen aka @PairBeer

My family tradition for Christmas is to make tamales. Actually, most holidays are just an excuse for us to spend the day cooking, eating, and of course…drinking. But with Christmas, it’s always tamales. Popping open a beer, we prepare the masa—a German Pils floral tones and subtle …(Click image above for full review)


December 20- @Brewvana

CIB Cheri Tarrt Presented by Jay Wilson of Brewvana.com

CIB Brewery in Carson, Iowa is less than an hour away from me, and it is a year-old (they celebrate their first anniversary on Dec. 22) nano producing interesting beers flying well under the radar. It’s the perfect brewery to highlight. CIB (Chef’s in Black) is a father-son affair putting out high-alcohol, farmhouse-style beers ranging from a double amber ale and quadruple brown to a breakfast stout and this beer: Cheri Tart..(Click image above for full review)


December 21- @TWBDrapeau

La Fin Du Monde Presented by Chris Drapeau of Thy Will Be Done

I chose this beer because today is the end of the world apparently…but if you’re reading this…I guess not! We should promise ourselves in this “new beggining” to be kind and generous to one another, as well as ourselves.  You can start by treating yourself to beers like this. (Click image above for full review)