Dear Blue Lobster, Stop Doing What You’re Doing

I really hate writing things like this, but when good people are involved in bad situations it hits a nerve.

Dear Blue Lobster, stop doing what you’re doing.

It has been a couple months since David Sakolsky left/was fired from your brewery. While you were on a path to recovery by hiring new brewers and continuing on, you made a bad decision. Here is a photo to jog your memory from March 12, 2014:

 (thanks for the cover photo and sharing this photo Jay Omobono)

(thanks for the cover photo and sharing this photo Jay Omobono)


According to Dave

“I didn’t even know you could use Ass on a label. Learn something everyday Details that should be on the label: This beer was a collaboration brewed between Paul Vaughn and myself. It is a 7.8% Biere De Garde brewed with Tennessee grits and aged 10 months in Arrington Vineyards Port barrels with a mixed culture. It has multiple brett variants and bacteria. Paul not only built the bacterial culture, bought the grits, flew up here to brew with me on his dime, and got us a deal on the barrels, but also designed the recipe with me. He deserves more than a mention for that beer. I’m just mad no credit was given to the collaborator who paid out of pocket for more than half the costs of that beer. Our culture would have been about $600 to buy outright anything close.”

The beer was originally named Paul’s Boutique, and before releasing it to beer stores was re-named to “Broke Ass Hobbie”. What is a Hobbie? Urban dictionary has a few definitions of it:

“A male who assumes they are right in all situations”


“A god in his own rights, owns everyone.”

I do not know the whole situation, not by a long shot, but I know when something isn’t the right thing to do. I have known Dave for a year and I am proud to consider him a friend. For those that don’t know I am co-authoring “New Hampshire Beer” with my buddy Mike Meredith and at every brewery we have visited or talked to we end up talking about Dave for 20 minutes because the brewers from the state love him. With so much praise for Dave, I can’t help but imagine Blue Lobster named this beer in bad taste. From what I hear the beer is extremely complex and has a great story behind it, but you will not find any of that on the label which is a shame. I am working on getting comments from Blue Lobster so consider the Blue Lobster saga far from over even though we thought it was fading to semi-normal. I tried asking on Facebook and the comment was deleted.

Without another shameless promotion I do a podcast with friends and we interview brewers from around the country. Every single one of them say the breweries that are in it for the right reasons will survive…I will leave it on that note for now.

For the love of beer,

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