Magic Hat Winterland Pack


Magic Hat sent me a couple bottles of their latest beers featured on their Wonderland mix pack, one of which is a returning favorite of mine, Heart of Darkness.

First up is G-Thing, a Ginger Spiced Beer that came out just in time to decorate the tree. I’m not the biggest ginger fan myself but I found this beer tolerable in small samples. I wouldn’t buy a full case if the be but it’s worth a try.

But like I said, when you pick up the Winterland pack you will get the Heart of Darkness stout which is one of my favorite Magic Hat beers. Perfect for the cold winter nights, lighting the menora or whatever your tradition may be.

Also included in the pack is #9 and Encore. So when youre shopping around for a good winter mixed pack do not overlook the Winterland pack from Magic Hat!