Two Holiday Gifts for Beer Fans

Tis the season to find a gift for your upcoming holiday party, secret Santa or Yankee swap. Santa delivered a couple neat treats my way to try out and review. Let’s see what we have!

First up is the Chillsner by the company Corkcicle. They specialize in products to help keep your beer or wine chilled as the party continues.

To start, the Chillsner alone is a conversation piece. Look at it… The look alone is reason number one to pick one up for a Yankee swap. To use, you store the pack in the freezer for 45 minutes. When cold you take it out and insert it in your beer. I used a beer fresh out of the fridge and let it sit for 15 mins. It locks right into your beer and doesn’t fall out thanks to a tight seal. Just as described it keeps the beer cold. The one downside of the product is it sometimes has a metallic taste like a can does but seams to go away after the first couple sips. I’d like to try this on a warm bottle to see how long it takes to chill it. The Chillsner does the job and comes in a pack of 2 for $30 at the Corkcicle website.

I definitely recommend it for a beer fan because it is a fun product and does the job.

But what if you want to keep your beer even colder? Get a koozie. But not just any koozie, an ugly sweater koozie! I have seen these at random breweries but this one specifically came from Sam Adams. Snazzy ey? Why should you have all the fun when you can have a sweater for your beer?

Happy shopping!