Book Week on the SBLPodcast

This is a BIG week for the Seacoast Beverage Lab Podcast. We have two shows for you this week, both with authors of recently released beer books.
Monday September 23 we will be chatting with Joshua Bernstein, author of Brewed Awakenings and his latest book The Complete Beer Course. I’ll leave my thoughts about the book for the show, but I will tell you that this is a book you will want on every coffee table in your house.
On a special Thursday episode (September 26), we will have one of the titans of the craft beer uprising in the 1990’s on the show. None other than Ken Grossman, CEO of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Ken Just released his book, Beyond the Pale, which tells the story of his beginning and the rise of one of the biggest craft breweries to date.

Do not miss an oppuruntiy to ask Josh or Ken a question. All you need to do is tweet with the hashtag #SBLPodcast or watch the show live by going to at 8pm EST on Monday and Thursday.

On a related note for NH folks, be on the lookout for the latest beer packed issue of New Hampshire Magazine which features articles from myself, Carls and Sean.

As always, tell a friend about the show and we hope you enjoy!