Parking in Portsmouth is Bad, Buy a Growler and Enjoy at Home

I lived in downtown Portsmouth for four years and in that time I did not have parking so I had to fend for myself. Plenty of options are at hand for those who want to spend the time to look for a spot. Today I am sad to announce I am losing hope for the city in which I started beer blogging. Portsmouth is not a nice place to visit at the moment.

Currently Portsmouth finds herself in a situation with no parking available for the residents and tourists alike. The city is flooded with tourists, which, while good for business, can be a nightmare on the streets and parking garages. My advice to the beer drinker is to get into Portsmouth, get your growlers filled, and take that growler back to your hotel or home. It is not worth staying in the city until the situation is handled.

Redhook, Blue Lobster and Throwback are out of the city and have parking, all you have to do is check their hours and get your beer there. Heck, WHYM Craft Beer Cafe should be the place to go regardless if you want beer but hate not being able to find a place to park. Portsmouth Brewery and Earth Eagle are in the middle of the nightmare that is Portsmouth, but my advice is to get a 15 minute parking spot, have your friend stay in the car, and run in to get you beer. You can buy bottles of Portsmouth Brewery beer in the gift shop and Earth Eagle can fill growlers faster than you can say “parking sucks”.

Being the Seacoast Beverage Lab, I hate telling my readers not to come to one of the coolest towns on the Seacoast, but your time is much better spent enjoying the beers you get from Portsmouth at you hotel or home.

Other options outside of Portsmouth
Go to Dover and get to the Barley Pub. Great vibe, great taps and good people. My favorite spot at the moment is Popper’s on the Mill in Newmarket. You will not find better charcuterie around, and the taps are great too. Head up to Kittery, ME for either the Black Birch or Pigs Fly Pizzeria for some of the best taps on the Seacoast and some great food.

As shocking as it is to read, I don’t recommend you visit Portsmouth for more than a growler fill at this time. Come for the beer but take it elsewhere to enjoy with friends and family. You will spend too much time and money and aggravation looking for a place to park that you won’t be able to enjoy a beer after the experience.

There is more to the Seacoast than Portsmouth.