Heading to Boston

This weekend, 150 beer bloggers will take over Boston for the 4th annual Beer Bloggers Conference. This will be my 3rd conference and every year brings new faces and ideas to the table. My focus this year will be spreading the word on the podcast. I came out of last years conference with the idea of the podcast, shortly after that was our very first episode.

Follow along with me this weekend:

  • Follow me on Vine (SeacoastBevLab) for a “speed blogging” event with New England Brewers. Imagine speed dating with beer, without the feeling of rejection/sadness. We get 5 minutes with a brewer, 14 brewers total, as they tell us about the beer.
  • I will be posting on Twitter along the way, without getting too annoying. After all, I am trying to network with other writers to help make your experience with my blog and the podcast the best it can be.
  • I will be using Instagram to capture photos along the way. I will be in Portland, ME Thursday for the Pre-conference excursion and a quick stop in Portsmouth on the way to Boston for lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery. You can see everyone’s photos with the tag #bbc13 here.

You can meet a few of the bloggers that are attending this conference in the latest podcast episode below.