The Best Beer for Women

Spoiler alert: It’s all beers.

There was an article posted online which I won’t give credit to. It may have already made its way on your Twitter/Facebook feed because of how news travels these days. Google it, but don’t waste your time. Essentially it lists some beers that are approachable for women. In a world where there is already enough “Man v Women” arguments going on, I beg of you not to let this argument fall into the awesome world of craft beer. The best beers in the world for Women should be the same list as the best beers for Men, and that’s the list of the best beers in the world.

In my 3+ years of beer writing, I have come across some extraordinary women beer writers/drinkers, but I don’t look at them any differently than the extraordinary men beer drinkers. Although the industry may have started as a men only brewing world, it is not turning out that way, and women are on an even keel with men. Forget the stupid advertisements by the “Big Beer” guys, with hipsters chanting about a low calorie beer, or men getting hit with apples, or women in bikinis pouring a malt beverage over ice; beer is for everyone.

This really shouldn’t be a groundbreaking read for anyone, but it may raise an eyebrow to those living under a rock. “You know what? You’re right” should be the reaction. In the world or journalism, people will write anything, and I mean anything, if it will get thousands of hits/retweets/shares/likes. An article touting the best beers for women, meant to be taken as fact or not, will get a lot of hits, not for the quality of the writing, but for the shock value of the title. Don’t read into articles like that. Instead go down to you local pub or brewery and look the amount of people (men and woman) drinking beer and throw judgment out the window. Hell, go to a beer festival, ignoring the idiots saying “give me the strongest beer” and paying attention to the women truly enjoying 12% Stouts or the 100 IBU IPAs, and talking about it with their friends. Look at the women talking beer with the brewers and how there isn’t a shocking look on the brewers face.

This is normal folks. Women know what beer is, and they can drink the beer they want and talk smartly about it. Those that act shocked should re-evaluate what they see as the world of craft beer.

In conclusion of this rant, I just hope to see a demise of the “Beer for Women” style of advertising. While I am no expert in the field, I know women drink craft beer with the best of them. Those stuck in the “Big Beer” world, welcome to craft beer, a world where gender doesn’t give a damn.

All you need to do is grab a pint, raise it up and say “Cheers to my brothers and sisters”.