Two Podcast Guests with Kickstarter Campaigns

Kickstarter helps bring a lot of independent projects to light. There have been breweries started via Kickstarter support and countless technology products. There are two in particular that just started that are of importance to me due to the people involved. Check these out.

The Beer Traveler

Charlie Herrin came on Episode 7 of the Seacoast Beverage Lab Podcast to talk about his Beer Traveler project and since then it has grown to many Youtube videos making those that watch it extremely thirsty. He is now taking the next step and taking it to the big networks. In order to do that he has asked for some support on Kickstarter. Please check out the page and watch his videos on YouTube, they don’t disappoint.

“100: Head/Heart/Feet” – A Documentary Film

Up next is “beer buddy” Ben Watts, who has co-hosted a number of podcast episodes. His film crew Hammer & Saw Films are putting together a documentary about a friend of theirs running the Vermont 100 Mile Race. This doesn’t just interest me because Ben has been on the show and we are friends, but I am truly fascinated by running. It’s how I lost 100 pounds and its currently how I keep off the beer weight. Check out their kickstarter page and the trailer below.

What other project are you interested in?