Throwback Gets Spicy June 16 and Joins the Podcast July 15!

Throwback Door Open
One of the most interesting (in a good way) beers I have ever tasted is the Spicy Bohemian Pilsener by Throwback. When I first met Nicole and Annette, they gave me a sample and stared at me for a reaction. The first thing I could think of was “nachos”. This beer is like liquid nachos in the best of ways. The beer has reached a popularity status that it now has its own day of celebration at the brewery.

On June 16, Throwback will be having a release party for the Spicy Bohemian Pilsner, according to their latest email:

Sunday, June 16th starting at 11:30 am. We will be:

  • Selling bottles, filling growlers, and pouring tastes of Spicy Bohemian.
  • Eating! The talented folks of Vida Verda will be there selling tacos and other goodies (more specifics coming soon!)
  • Selling bottles of Donkey-Hote — available for the first time on this date.
  • Filling growlers and pouring 4-oz beers (like we normally do when we are open.)

Let them know you are coming, and keep up to date ont he event on their Facebook event page.

It’s Podcast Time for Throwback


With the announcement of several guests appearing on future episodes of the SBLPodcast, many asked “Where’s Throwback?!”. Well ask no more because we have lined them up for Monday July 15. Mark your calendars! If you are new to the show head over to and watch/listen to 36 episodes (and counting) of beer talk with me, Carla, Norm, Mike and Sean along with other brewers and special guests.