Four Confirmed Breweries for the Podcast

We have had a growing amount of support for the podcast since we kicked off in August. With 34 episodes under our belt, we have found our stride and continue to get great members of the craft beer community to join us on the show.

In the first 34 episodes we have had 13 brewers on the show:

David Sakolsky Blue Lobster Brewing Co. Episode 01
Nathan & Heather Sanborn Rising Tide Brewing Co. Episode 06
Tom Bull Bull Jagger Brewing Co. Episode 10
Dan Kenary Harpoon Brewery Episode 13
Dann Paquette Pretty Things Beer Episode 14
Chris Lohring Notch Brewing Episode 15
Jennifer Glanville Samuel Adams Brewery Episode 16
Jeff Leiter Slumbrew Episode 20
Jack Hendler Jack’s Abby Brewing Episode 22
Scott and Kristen Thornton Great Rhythm Brewing Co. Episode 25
Steve Sanderson Riverwalk Brewing Co. Episode 27
Todd Charbonneau Banner Beer Co. Episode 30
Shane Welch Sixpoint Brewing Co. Episode 34

I wanted to update you all on FOUR great breweries/brewers we will be talking to within the coming months. There are many more in planning, but as of this writing we are excited to announce the following shows.

Monday, May 20 – Helder Pimentel – Backlash Beer Co.


Massachusetts powerhouse, Helder Pimentel of Backlash Beer Co. will be on the show this coming Monday. If you haven’t tried any of his beer and you live in New England, I imagine it’s rough living under that rock of yours :). Click here for more information on Backlash.

Monday, June 10 – Rob Nowaczyk – Fireman’s Brew


Fireman’s Brewery, based out of Woodland Hills, CA was started by Firefighters Ed Walker and Rob Nowaczyk. We are excited to feature them on the show as our first West Coast Brewery to appear on the podcast. For more information on Firemans Brew check out their webpage.

Monday, July 1 – Sam Calagione – Dogfish Head Brewery


I had the great opportunity to meet Sam when he came to the Portsmouth Brewery to brew with Tod Mott. We are honored to have him as a guest on the show. Click here for more information on Dogfish. Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, July 8 – Bill Herlicka – White Birch


You can’t go anywhere in NH without seeing the creations of Bill Herlicka and his team from White Birch. He will be on the show to talk about his upcoming Southern New Hampshire Brewers Festival and to talk all about the brewery.Click here for more information on White Birch.

All of the above shows will air live on their respectful dates at 8pm EST. Don’t forget that you can watch the shows live and chat with the hosts and viewers all from

We are always working on providing great content to all craft beer enthusiasts and have much more in the works. If you have any suggestions please reach out using the hashtag #SBLPodcast, or send me an email.

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