Happy 3rd Birthday to Me!

3 Years ago I started on a journey to discover craft beer and look where it ended up. What started out as me hiding behind a computer without a face has turned into me meeting some of the coolest people in the world, beer drinkers. Today my blog turns 3 years old and each year I continue surprise myself.

This past year was a great ride. I teamed up and co-ran what I think was the most successful Portsmouth Beer Week to date and started a podcast which has grown exponentially since its inception in August. I am humbled by the people that want to come on the show to chat about beer and the people I have met in the past year.

While I will still be focusing on the writing aspect of the blog, I have a pretty big announcement that is still in the works but will be my focus for year 2013…

Seacoast Beverage Lab Podcast Network

Over the next couple months I will be branching out and doing more content in the audio/video space. I will be creating the Seacoast Beverage Lab Podcast Network. The first show as part of this network is obviously the SBLPodcast. The next show will be introduced in the coming months and will focus on homebrewing. With this network, I hope to get contributions from beer lovers across the globe. If you have show ideas, I want to hear them!

Finally, a logo!

Thanks to the skills of designer Aaron Miles, I now have a logo. I never really had one so I went to someone who I knew would come up with something great. This represents the Seacoast. The bridge in the glass is the bridge that connects Portsmouth NH to Kittery, ME. This is a true tip of the hat to the area where I started my beer adventure.

As always I appreciate the support from everyone and hope to continue to provide you with great views on the growing world of craft beer.

Raise a glass to another year in the book!