Hangar 24 Beer Review Roundup

I got a nice little surprise on the doorstep a while ago, some beers from Hangar 24 out of Redlands, CA to try. The cool part is, you can only get this beer out in California so the gift was much appreciated. Here are my thoughts, in the form of my Untappd checkins.

wheat Hangar 24 Beer Review Roundup
While wheats are not my favorite style of beer, this a good amount of sweetness to it making it really easy to drink.

columbus Hangar 24 Beer Review Roundup
I enjoyed this brew on Episode 14 of the podcast and really enjoyed it.

winter Hangar 24 Beer Review Roundup
This was a great winter beer and I could have easily gotten it for the label alone. One of the better “winter” beers I consumed this season.

For more information on Hangar 24 check out their webpage, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for letting me try these.