Coverage of New Hampshire House Bill 168

Something is a brewing in the NH Government. Cheesy news caster lingo aside, something is actually going on that requires every beer lovers attention. The NH House has proposed a bill that will increase the tax on a galon of beer by 10 cents. Essentially the money raised by these taxes will go to fund rehab facilities for alcohol abusers. This tax will cost price increases in the beer you buy in the store as well as in the pubs. The bill would go into affect on July 1 2013 and already many of the states beer drinkers are working hard to put this bill in the trash.

My quick thoughts

  1. Why tax beer? I don’t like taxes, obviously and living in the tax free state of New Hampshire I am sure I am a bit bitter by the sound of the word ‘taxes’. However, what grab bag of random things did the government choose to take a hit at the beer industy?
  2. They think its a good combination to tax beer drinkers to help support alcoholics? Maybe I am missing something in this bill but helping rehab by taxing those who do good in the community is bit…well…stupid.
  3. NH beer laws are tough as it is, this will drive more business out of the state continuing New Hampshire’s reputation of the state were “sure you don’t get taxed on it, but I get all my beer in other states”

Contact Your Representative

Out of staters who want to chime in should write to the chair of ways and means, Susan Almy or the speaker of the house, Teri Norelli. Click here to find out who your Representative is in order to contact them.

External Links

I will continue to scour the web for coverage on this topic, and hope to do a show on the podcast. Here is what I have found so far. If you come across anything that I don’t have send me an email (


Time to rally the troops. Cheers,