Guinness Gives Back

Guinness and I are best friends. I love Guinness and I like to spread the word of their good deeds, like this one.

Alongside the release of its new holiday beer, Generous Ale, Guinness has launched an initiative to help inspire generosity through the Generous Hour program.

They are encouraging you to pledge your time to help in any way you can. You can pledge to be a designated driver for someone, drive someone to the airport, or even spend some time with your loved ones. For more information head over to and make a pledge.

How am I pledging?

It’s actually very simple. While it has nothing to do with be, I pledge to cook more meals for my fiance. She is the chef of the two of us, but I think she deserves the extra minutes/hours to relax, have a glass a wine and have meals prepared for her. Now I must go learn how to chop/dice/boil and most importantly cook. How will you be generous this holiday season?


About Generous Ale:
Founder Arthur Guinness is historically recognized as a devout philanthropist, and so, the Guinness Master Brewers wanted to create a holiday ale that commemorated Arthur’s enduring legacy and to celebrate the holiday season. The special edition holiday beer was developed in a traditional winter ale style, but with more body and the distinct roast for which GUINNESS® Draught is known. With a rich amber appearance, the vanilla notes accent GUINNESS® Generous Ale’s silky, yet vibrant taste.

About Generous Hour:
In short, Generous Hour invites people to pledge how they’ll do something generous with their time this holiday season, recognizing that generosity comes in many forms – whether volunteering for a cause, being the designated driver or even lending fantasy football advice to the last place team in your league. We firmly believe that when people see other doing acts of generosity, they’ll too be inspired to do the same. To participate, people can submit their own pledge or they can re-pledge any of the existing submissions.