Co-Founder of @Harpoon_Brewery Dan Kenary on the Podcast Monday 11-12

The response to the podcast has been great. We want to make you feel like you are having a beer with us, and occasionally toss in a special guest so you can feel like you are sharing a beer with someone from the industry. This coming Monday is no exception. I am extremely happy to announce we will have Co-Founder of Harpoon Brewery, Dan Kenary on the podcast this Monday November 12!

Dan (right) started the Harpoon Brewery in 1986 with co-founder and classmate Rich Doyle. Harpoon is the oldest brewery in the Commenwealth of Massachusetts, with Brewery Permit #001 and was the first brewery to commercially brew and bottle beer in Boston in more than 25 years.

If you are looking for something beer related to listen to this weekend in preparation for Monday’s live show, head over to the main podcast page for links to all the episodes and show notes.

Have questions for Dan? Comment/tweet/facebook myself or any of the hosts with any questions you have and we will ask on air. Join us right here at 8pm on Monday night as we chat with another industry legend.

See you Monday.