Smuttynose Short Batch Lindz Honors Respected Man

This is a big week in town. Last May, the Seacoast area lost a very respected man in the beer community and in the community in general, Lindsey Altshul. Anyone you ask in the area and you will get great stories of a man who didn’t just run the Pepperland Cafe, but was a true companion and mentor to many in the area.

Smuttynose has produced a beer in honor of Lindsey called “Lindz”, a German Style Kolsch. JT of Smuttynose describes:

Beer lovers and friends of Lindsey will find that the special beer, a German-style Kolsch, reflects a number of his interests. “Kolsch are golden-colored, noticeably hopped, ales that are cold-conditioned like lagers,” explains David Yarrington, Smuttynose’s Director of Brewing Operations, “they were one of his favorite beer styles and it’s one that we haven’t really done before.” Yarrington explained that kolsch are light in body and low in alcohol (this one is just 5.1%) but flavorful, crisp and very versatile in food pairings.

On Thursday October 18 you will be able to find this beer on tap in many locations around the Seacoast area of NEw Hampshire in Maine. Here is the list.

New Hampshire

-The Press Room
-Portsmouth Brewery
-Blue Mermaid
-The River House
-The Black Trumpet
-The District

-The Barley Pub

-Popper’s at the Mill


-The Black Birch
-When Pigs Fly

South Berwick
-Pepperland Café


-Novare Res Bier Café
-Pi Men Miyake

-Nocturnem Draught House

Bottles of limited supply can be purchased at Smuttynose on October 25 at 5pm. Hope to see you on Thursday raising a pint in honor of Lindsey.