@risingtidebeer on the next SBL Podcast!

Thanks again for all those who have listened and provided great feedback. Myself and the panelists absolutley love doing it continue to improve. To catch up on the shows and to see what we have been talking about check out the podcast page.

We are extremely pleased to announce our next brewer to come on the show. In Episode 1 we talked with David Sakolsky of the soon opening Blue Lobster Brewing Co in Hampton, NH. We will welcome Nathan Sanborn of Rising Tide Brewing Company on our September 17th Show!

If you have any questions for them, tweet with the hashtag #SBLHangout, email me, or call the podcast hotline (541-Bev-Lab-0). You can watch the podcast live at around 8pm EST on September 17th SeacoastBeverageLab.com/Live.