Instagram and Beer

There a a few social media trends that I can't really get into. I have tried Pintrest but that seems better suited for DIY types (foodies, home improvement, crafts, etc). I gave Google+ a fair shake (a week), but I can guarantee you I won’t be going back to it. One app I have started to use regularly because it translates very well in the world of beer is Instagram.

The first thing you may think of when you hear Instagram is Hipster, at least I do. Why would anyone want to transform a photo to look old, or blurry, or even hazy? However, there is something about Instagram that turns a photo of a bottle or flight of beers to something so pleasing to the eyes.

InstaPad for iPad

Webstagram (

While you can view Instagram photos on the application itself, I enjoy seeing them in a group using Webstagram or the free iPad app InstaPad.

For me it’s a great way to connect with a wider range of beer lovers. For example, check out the above photo I took a couple days ago drinking a Heady Topper. If I just tweeted “Hey I’m drinking a Heady Topper” it wouldn’t mean much to anyone. But shooting an eye catching photo and giving it a quick enhancement turns a “who care’s?” into a “wow I need some Heady Topper right now!”. In a world when things need to be easily digestible and quick to look at, nothing is quicker than scrolling through a great feed of beer photos in Instagram.

As I posted yesterday on Twitter, if the majority of your Instagram feed has beer related photos, I will follow you. Please follow me if you have the same mantra (username: SeacoastBevLab). Do you use Instagram? Do you think people overuse it?

Show off your beer photos!