Writing for You

I’m not a big book reader. My reading is limited to the 100+ blogs I subscribe to which are mostly Beer and Technology related. It’s through my reading I try to develop my own personal writing style. Here are some principles I follow when writing.

Writing as if I’m talking to you

My writing/blogging style has evolved (I think) since I have started but my principles have stayed the same. It’s my goal to write as if I am having a conversation with you, without being overbearing and making you feel welcome. My writing, in the eyes of readers more educated in Literature, may seem a bit sarcastic and not well structured. It’s this style that I try to keep you reading my words and not falling asleep while reading. No misdirection here, I want you to feel like you are in the same room as myself and chatting with me. I can’t physically be in the room with all of my readers, but I’d imagine if I wasn’t writing I would be belly up to the bar with them having a great discussion.

Don’t be a “Mark as Read” Author

I read plenty of posts where I end up feeling like the author tries to push so much knowledge down my throat. It makes me feel more like a student than a reader. In turn I go from reading to skimming and from skimming to “Mark as Read”. If I find myself doing that too many times to the same author, I delete their feed much like a book reader would shy away from another book by an author. I don’t want to become a “Mark as Read” author. I want to become a “Starred Item” author. I’d like to encourage those writers to strive for the same.


I hope to get feedback on my writing. I know all posts don’t warrant comments, but it’s a good test as to how well I am writing. I know a lot of you are like myself and will comment only when they can but actively read everything posted. I find twitter/Facebook is a better platform for discussing posts. I post something, someone re-tweets it, meaning they read it and want other to read it. As always, shoot me a note if you like what your reading or want me to write about something.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about writing you need to think about the audience your writing for. Beer lovers should come to this blog looking to be entertained and live vicariously through my experiences. The last thing I want to do is turn people away from my posts because they are too snobby or you leave with a bad taste in your mouth. That’s not me.

As always, I really apreciate you all reading what I write and I hope I can meet most of you in person as my our journey continues!