Redhook Says ‘Yes We CAN’

Cans are everywhere now. Cans are this year’s Belgian beer, aka the next trend in craft beer. From the can-only breweries of Oskar Blues and Baxter Brewing, to the breweries converting their bottled beverages into the portable tin wonders (Magic Hat, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn, Harpoon). My only comment on the can movement is as long as the beer is as good as bottle/draft, I will take a can any day. I do like the size and storage capabilities of cans and how I can crush a can with one hand when finished. After months of hints and rumors, Redhook put their world famous Long Hammer IPA in cans, and its hitting shelves soon!

77 years after canned beer first went on sale in the U.S., Redhook is introducing its first brew in a can. We just wanted to be sure this whole “can thing” wasn’t a fad. Cans are much easier than bottles to pack in and pack out. Which pretty much makes Redhook IPA perfect for doing anything, anywhere. Fishing, hiking, concerts, softball games, camping. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to drink one or two and crush the can afterwards. Although Redhook can neither endorse nor condemn using your head for said can-crushing.

First released in 1984, Redhook’s Long Hammer IPA uses a generous amount of hop both during the boil and at dry-hopped at the end of the fermentation process to give the IPA its characteristic bitterness and piney citrus aroma and flavor. Redhook IPA has a medium body, crisp finish and moderate alcohol levels and bitterness (6.2% ABV and 44 IBU) making this one of America’s most drinkable and best-selling IPAs.

You will get the same great flavor from these cans as you would from the draft lines of the many bars that server Long Hammer, to the bottles you can get at any store. I personally enjoy the cans best out of all 3 options. This saves glasses too, if your a semi beer-geek like myself and pour every bottle of beer into a glass. The only way to drink a canned beer is straight from the can. Ok, fine, if you have an awesome Baxter Brewing can shaped glass I will allow it :). For more information on these cans and the rest of Redhook’s lineup, check out their website

Raise pint…er…can!