Anniversary Bottle Share Night at A&G Homebrew Recap

Friday night I held a bottle sharing night at A&G Homebrew. Saying it was a fun night would be an understatement. Alex and Gretchen graciously allowed 40 beer lovers through their doors to celebrate my 2 year blogging anniversary. I think Andy put it best way saying “The bottle share was like a mini craft beer festival: 2oz cups, and more choices than I could possibly drink.”

Everyone who signed up was asked to bring a bottle or 2 of something they wanted to share with thirsty beer drinkers. Names like Black Albert, Russian River Damnation, Allagash Ghoulschip, Lawsons, Heady Topper, Hill Farmstead, names you will never see under the same roof, and definitely not in New Hampshire were all in attendance.

I got food for everyone from The District, tasty food I should say. Duck Confit Won Tons, Sushi, Bratwurst Steamed Buns kept everyone’s tastebuds happy. Big thank you to District for helping out with the food for the event!

The highlight of the night, besides trying beers I would never have had the chance to try, was raising money for the late Ben Harris, who died from an exploding keg at Red Hook a couple weeks ago. The night started out with an empty Red Hook growler with a simple note attached. By the end of the night the growler was filled to the brim with over $300 in donations. Before I sat down to write this post I went over to Red Hook to give the donations in a card for Alysa Harris. I would like to thank all of those who helped with the donations, ad those who have donated separately from last nights event. Ben was loved by everyone who knew him, and the Red Hook family appreciates all of the support.

All in all I was thrilled to have everyone come and hang out and have great beer. Every style of beer was represented and without knowing who was bringing what I don’t think any two people brought the same beer, which is magical. There’s no doubt we will do this again so stay tuned for updates. For the rest of the photos from the night check out the album on the Facebook Page.

Happy American Craft Beer Week!