2 Years

I thought I would have had a bigger post for my 2 year anniversary, boasting about my accomplishments and achievements in beer but its more of a thank you letter to everyone. I never thought after writing a post 2 years ago about a square off between the 4 Sam Adams Seasonals, would I be here with so much more knowledge and so many more friends in the beer world.

I won’t list everyone’s name because I will miss someone for sure. But as far as fellow bloggers are concerned, I thank them everyday by having them on the right side of my site. I learn every day from you guys and gals and enjoy reading and talking about beer when I have nothing to write about. I thought I would be a ghost writer, too. I didn’t have the guts to go out and meet people and I didn’t want anyone to know my name but enjoy my musings. I learned quickly this can’t be the case. There is too big a community to hide in the dark. Writing about beer is only half about being a beer blogger.

As I’ve said to many people, you don’t need to be a beer blogger to write about beer. There are some perks for those that really work hard but I enjoy publishing my thoughts in print and talking about it in the bar. I know more beer lovers than beer bloggers and we are all equal. We all have thoughts about beer, it’s all a matter of how we like to put out thoughts out there. The one negative I have about becoming a beer writer or just a beer lover in general is definitely the health aspect. I was lucky enough to come into the beer world as a runner, but moderation is key even for the most athletic person.

The next year I would like to focus on being active in the community. So hopefully you will be seeing me, my name or my influence in the bars and shops in town. As always if you have any missions for me I would love to hear your ideas.

Cheers to another year!