@Taplister – The Perfect @portsbeerweek Companion!


Scenario: You are in Portsmouth any time between 2/25 and 3/5 and are thirsty. Wish there was a way to find out whats one tap at the bars in the area? Taplister will be your perfect companion during Portsmouth beer week, as it is up to date with the tap list of the bars in town.

If you have an iPhone or an Android, you can download the free app (iPhone link) (Android link). You can also go straight to portsmouth.taplister.com from any web browser. Below are some screen shots from the iPhone version.

At first you are presented with options. You can either look at a list of bars around, or if you are looking for a specific beer you can browse the list of beers available in the area.

Once you navigate to a bar, in this case the Black Birch in Kittery,ME, you can see exactly what they have on tap. If you are using the web version, there is a link to the RateBeer.com review of the beer and if you pay $1.99 you can have the scores show up right in the mobile app which I find cool. It should be said that the Black Birch has some of the best beer in the area, both in terms of variety and rarity to the area.

You can view details of the bar, including hours, phone number and how close it is to your location which is helpful to those new to the area.

You can also use taplister to list all of the beers on tap in the area.

Once you find a beer you like, you can see which bars have it on tap. In this case, you can find Allagash White at The District, The Black Birch and When Pigs Fly

Here is the current rundown on the bars in the area:

  • Blue Mermaid (listing 8 beers on tap)
  • Portsmouth Brewery (listing 10 beers on tap)
  • Redhook Brewery (listing 8 beers on tap)
  • RiRa (listing 9 beers on tap)
  • Surf (listing 6 beers on tap)
  • The Black Birch (listing 22 beers on tap)
  • The District (listing 7 beers on tap)
  • When Pigs Fly (listing 20 beers on tap)

Currently there are 8 bars and 90 beers listed on Taplister and I plan on keeping them up to date. These are the beers you will see all week during Portsmouth Beer week. See something on tap thats not listed, you can add it in the iphone version right from the bar. Again, the app is FREE and you can get all the details about the mobile apps and taps here

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the events that all kick off with the Seacoast Winter Brewfest on Saturday. For more information on Portsmouth Beer Week check out the official site here.