Help Pints for Prostates and Be in the Guinness Book

Guinness, the sweet nectar of Dublin. I would love to meet a beer lover who does not like Guinness. It seems that the perfectly poured Guinness could win over even the biggest disbeliever.

Guinness has asked me to represent New Hampshire and rally beer drinkers across the world to pledge they they will have a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day. This is all part of their hope to set a world record!

From today until March 17, Guinness is trying to get in their own Book of Records by throwing ‘The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration’. All you have to is pledge that you will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Guinness (how hard can that be?). To pledge, click on the link below and put you name in. How cool would it be to be part of a Guinness world record?

For every pledge submitted with the link below, I will donate $1 to Pints for Prostates (up to $1000!). On top of that, you can enter to win an all expenses paid trip to the Guinness Brewery for their September Aurthur Guinness Music Festival at St. James Gate in Dublin! At the end of the contest, if I have the highest amount of pledges of any participating blogger, I could win a trip to Dublin myself.

While I am representing NH, anyone can pledge with the link below, so here is your chance to help 4 people

  • Help Guinness- For attempting to set the world record
  • Help Pints for Prostates- They get $1 of each pledge with my referral code(up to $1000)
  • Help Yourself- You can enter to win a trip to Dublin
  • Help Me- I could win a trip if I have the most pledges of any of the 50 State reps

How to Pledge (Use Promo Code SEAC)

You do not have to be in New Hampshire to pledge for me either. To pledge, Click this link, and click Count Me In. The form asks for first name, country, zip and optional code. Please use the referral code SEAC.

Let’s raise some money and raise a pint!