Boston is Heating Up

Boston has always has a place in my heart. My Alma Mater is there. With the recent influx of beer events in Boston, and with the only the occasional goings on in New Hampshire I feel like I could become obsolete if I don’t start getting down to Boston and meeting some of the Brewers and Bloggers I follow and talk to on a daily basis. So I did.

Monday night seemed to be the night to visit beantown, as they hosted a Baxter Brewing event, a Northwest Beer Fest and a launch party for Idle Hands Craft Ales. I chose the latter two and drove down with Sean and Amber from @2beerguys to check it out. Boy was I glad I did. We first stopped at Atwoods in Cambridge to raise a glass to one of the newest breweries in town, Everett, MA based Idle Hands Craft Ales. To me this was like the who’s who event to be at. I was looking around the room seeing the big names in beer. The Beer Advocate brothers sitting over here, the Yankee Brew News and Ale Street News guys over there and brewers from the local breweries Cambridge Brewing Company and Notch, Becca from MA Girls Pint Out, among others.

It was great to finally meet those who I converse with on twitter a lot and read about in books,blogs,papers all the time. Idle Hands is a Belgian beer focused brewery and, while Belgians are not my favorite beer, I had to support the local brewery and grab one of their offerings. I went with their Cognition Abbey Style Session Brown, a great choice. Their other offerings included Pandora (Belgian Pale Ale / IPA), Patriarch (Patersbier) and an Amarillo hopped Pandora. The place was packed with everyone showing tremendous support for the Idle Hands crew. I look forward to seeing them grow.

After that we rushed off to Redbones for their NW Beer Fest. How Redbones managed to get an elite line up of gets from the Pacific I’ll never know but all the big breweries such as Deschutes, Lompoc, Elysian, Pike, Rogue were on tap and for some East Coast beer lovers this was their first taste of their beer. Not for us. When we went to Portland, OR for the Beer Bloggers Conference we had a chance to go to THE Deschutes and THE New Old Lompoc and have the beers. It was a great way to reflect on that trip. I had a Lompoc C’Sons Greetings Double IPA which, in a word or two, 5 stars. I also went back to an old (3 month) favorite, Deschutes Obsidian Stout, ridiculously good. Events like this should be a good gauge for West Coast brewers to see how in love we are with their beer. A big congrats to Redbones for bringing some great beer to the event, which lasts all week!

In conclusion, I am going to make an effort to get to Boston when I can for events. It is feasible and if it weren’t for the last stop at Spikes for a hot dog, a Portsmouth resident like myself would be home at a very reasonable hour. It’s worth making the trip down once in a while to catch up with people you chat back and forth with during the day too. For more infomation on Idle Hands Craft Ales check out their website (link) and check out Redbones site (link)

Til next time Boston…