My Opinion on #StoutDay and #IPADay

With today being the first (annual?) International Stout Day, I thought I would take the time to provide a commentary on the subject of made up holidays.

When International IPA Day was first announced I was skeptical. As a stout fan and general craft beer lover I did not see the point in celebration one style of beer, I still don’t. I didn’t and won’t let my inner hater come out and leave bad comments about it because while I didn’t agree with the holiday I did applaud the efforts of those who took the time to create an event that had a lot of the big name breweries and bloggers backing the effort.

It goes back to the “why didn’t I think of that” state of mind. Anyone could’ve made up a holiday celebrating one style of beer, but the ones who did made it HAPPEN. Congratulations to Ashley aka Beer Wench on creating and annual beer holiday for lovers of IPAs. (A little of my inner hater came out there, I’ll settle)

Along comes Stout Day, and all of a sudden I am pumped. My feelings for Stouts far outweigh my feelings for IPAs. However, I was a little more frustrated about this holiday because now someone is actually strolling on my turf, my favorite style, my beer. What makes this person think they can make a holiday out of the blue? There goes my inner hater again.

My opinion is simple. Let’s not make a holiday for any other beer style. I am not looking forward to a Hef Day or a Sour Day or a Lambic Day. There is already an International Beer Day (the day after IPA Day) and a National Beer Day (April 7) so let’s keep the holidays on the minimum.

We don’t need holidays for everyday activities, such as beer drinking, but I will back the efforts of those who work hard at it and do it really well (Ashley and Erin). Does this sound flip floppy? I do enjoy the results of these grass roots efforts though. For example, tonight I will be at the Portsmouth Brewery Celebrating this made up holiday to socialize with fellow stout lovers and then ending my night at another bar where they put 8 stouts on tap in honor of the holiday. I will be celebrating effort by enjoying stouts on this day, but I will be having stouts and enjoying them just the same outside of November 3.

For those celebrating today, raise a Stout and congratulate Erin (@TheBeerGoddess) on her great work in turning Stout Day into a holiday. My November Christmas.

Cheers and Happy International Stout Day,