Vintage Estate Wine and Beer Lounge- Boardman,OH

When I hit the road on business and I have a couple hours of free time on my hands I like to set out for a good bar or beer store. This trip brought me to New Castle, PA. Obviously when one hears of Penn they think Yuengling and I tracked down their Octoberfest at a bar and was satisfied…but I wanted harder to find beer.

Opening up google maps and a simple ‘beer’ search in the area I came across Vintage Wine and Beer Lounge and it was in an entirely different state, Ohio. Luckily it was 20 minutes from the hotel so I hit the road and found what I can only describe as awesome. Walking into VWBL I see the wine, smile and wave to an employee and made quick feet toward the room of beer. A room greatly organized by brewery with knowledgable staff is what I walk into. I quickly ask for an empty six pack and started mixing my 6 pack for the flight home (currently typing this post on my flight home, please make it home safe my precious cargo!).

I grabbed mostly Bells as it is a beer I can’t get anywhere near me. I also grabbed a couple New Holland and one Great Lakes. Check out the photo below for the complete pickup. I also spotted all the beers of Smuttynose, to which I complimented them and told them I’ll let them know they are in good hands out here.

What I continue to be amazed by are bottle shops that have beers on tap as well, and 24 beers is what I came across at this shop. Top of the list was Three Floyds Pride & Joy and as someone who hasn’t tried a beer from them I was quick to choose. This was a great choice as it wasn’t overly powerful and tasted amazing. The best part is while you sit at the bar they put my mixed 6 in the cooler to keep cold as I quench my thirst. Pinch me.

The horrifying liquor laws of New Hampshire are what make me so grateful and giddy for places like this. They have these out West too and it excites me every time. I know this is a wild request for my local readers, but if you ever find yourself on the border of PA and OH you will be doing yourself a huge solid to stop here and grab a beer, they serve food too! Check them out on their website.