Gaslight Welcomes North Coast October 24

The Gaslight is keeping on top of the beer events recently. The next event they will welcome North Coast’s Brewery national sales manager Doug Moody on October 24 from 5-7pm at their street level grill. Doug will be bringing along some kegs of Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Red Seal Ale and Scrimshaw Pilsner. They will also have some of their bottles on their bottle menu that night.

If you are in the area on Monday check it out. Gaslight is quickly becoming a big contender in beer bars in the area. They came out strong the past couple weeks and I hope they can keep it up and not do too much too quick, unless that’s what you want. Eric also mentioned they will be putting on 5 or 6 stouts on November 3rd in honor of International Stout Day. If you couldn’t get your tickets to the Portsmouth Brewery’s event that I posted about a couple days ago, or will be looking for more stouts after the social, keep an eye on some upcoming posts for updates.

All for now. Have a great weekend!