This Beer Blogger Is Engaged


There I was. A couple weeks ago during Sam Adams Octoberfest in Boston. You may not know it by the look on my face but I was nervous the whole night.

There she was. Lisa, with not a clue in the world of what I was planning to do after the fest. I couldn’t even get through half of my 4 drink tickets before I decided to exit Octoberfest and head back to the hotel. But I had to do something before the night was over…

I asked Lisa to marry me…and she said yes (obviously!). That’s right folks. I wanted to let my faithful readers in on this news as it has been a couple weeks and I wanted to make sure I got around to the friends and family first. This isn’t really a beer post (with the exception of it happening the night of Octoberfest), it’s just an epic event. Expect to see this gal by my side as I continue to go on beer adventures and discover more and more about this crazy world of craft beer.