This Week in Beer- Autumn Beers Cometh

This past week was a great week in beer for me, horrible week blog wise. My apologies for slacking. However, I really appreciate the support I got from some awesome bloggers about my post on the Community of Bloggers (link). I inspired both Mom’s Malt Barley (link) and the Fledgling Brewer (link) to write a post and that makes me happy. Now, on to the new beers I tried this week:

Sam Adams Oak Aged Porter– Last weekend I went to Sam Adams Oktoberfest in Boston and I tried this brew. A really nice dark porter.

Same Adams Utopias (2011)– I finally got to taste the Uptopias for the first time, for $10, and it was wonderful. If you can get a taste and if you can get past the boozyness to get a hold of the sweetness this is awesome.

New Belgium Hoptober– Hard to believe but this is my first beer from New Belgium. We can’t get this out here. My friend brought me a bunch back and this one was a real treat. I highly recommend.

Cape Anne Brewing Fisherman’s Imperial Pumpkin Stout– The best pumpkin beer out there. I don’t like pumpkin beers, but if your beer has the word ‘stout’ on it, odds are I will dive right in. This smooth stout packs a ton of flavor and comes in 6-packs in MA. If you can get it on draft at the pub, even better. Get some and thank me later.

Red Hook Late Harvest Autumn Ale-– While I have had this beer before this is my first time checking into it on Untappd. A great local fall brew that tastes great from my mug club mug!

Badge Earned This Week- Oktoberfest

Untappd Oktoberfest Badge

Got this badge will swigging a Sam Adams Oktoberfest, quite fitting.

As you can see I have switched it into fall mode real quick and I won’t look back because summer beers are not my thing. What new beer have you tried this past week that made your day?