Community of Beer Bloggers

It’s an understatement that the Beer Bloggers Conference really motivated me to focus on my blog and decide where I want to take it. The fact is I have taken it in a lot of directions and I want to make things easier for myself, better experience for you and most importantly let everyone in on the beer world. Beervana is a city with hundreds of beer bloggers who all work together to spread the love of beer to those who love to read about it. The first change you’ll see from me is a bigger emphasis on community.

For starters, I have added a side bar including all of the latest tweets from beer bloggers in New England under my feed. There is a a lot going on within a couple hours from Portsmouth. Without knowing it we all work as a community of bloggers, writing recaps of events and providing fresh content when some of us can’t post everyday. The weird part is we actually meetup for beers and like each other, weird I know. Do yourself a favor and follow these people and add their blogs to your blogroll:

@beerzengirl aka Doreen (New Hampshire)

Doreen and I work well together, covering a lot of the events that go on throughout the Live Free or Die state. Her event recaps are great and she uses a real camera (unlike this guy) to capture some high quality shots! Check out her latest recap of her trip to Rising Tide Brewery in Portland, ME for example: (link)

@brewengland aka Adam (Boston Area)

Adam was the first New England Beer Blogger I met face to face (fun fact). His blog, rightfully entitled BrewEngland is the go-to blog for the goings on in the area. What you’ll also find here is a lot of great guest posts and even some homebrew posts. Check out his latest homebrew update and more: (link)

@realbeernut aka Norm (Boston Area)

Norm, what else can I say about this guy. If you’re not following his blog or tweets your missing some quality stuff. He is the real deal when it comes to beer blogging and writing. Among his list of accolades he hosts a sweet Homebrew Competition. Check out the latest details on his upcoming contest here: (link)

@2beerguys aka Sean, Ryan, Ian and Amber (North Shore, MA)

This crew has been around for a long time and I just got the pleasure (maybe they will tell you otherwise) of spending a whole week in Portland, OR with them. Through spending all this time with them it became apparent that they LOVE to get people excited about beer. Whether its hosting events, teaching classes, or just talking over a couple beers, the 2beerguys crew is on top of their game. Check out the week long event they are doing on the North Shore in a couple weeks: (link)

@momsmaltbarley aka Cecily (Maine)

Cecily just recently popped up on my radar but has been reviewing beer on her blog since January. I look forward to reading about what is in her glass next. Check out her blog here: (link)

@Lost_in_Beer aka Josh (Central MA/Boston)

Josh is one of my go to blogs for beer reviews in the area. Regardless of what part of the world the beer comes from Josh has gotten his hands on it and has most likely reviewed it. He also runs many a tweet-up which draw a ton of people to the pub. Check out his latest post about saying goodbye to summer beers: (link)

@MAGirlsPintOut aka Rebecca (Boston Area)

I finally got a meet Rebecca after tweeting back and forth about beer and beer events for a long time. She runs the Massachusetts Girls Pint Out Chapter and writes great recaps of Boston area events. She must be exhausted! Check out her recap of the Imperial Pumpkin Ale release at Wachusett Brewing Co.: (link)

@beerbabe aka Carla (Maine)

Last but certainly not least, Carla. I finally got a chance to meet her a week before the Beer Bloggers Conference. She is definitely an all-star when it comes to the beer blogging scene in my area and beyond. She wont tell you this herself but she appears on a commerical for one of New Hampshires biggest beer events, Passport NH. Her recent venture in the blog world is a Tumblr blog about the goings on in New England. Check it out and let her know what you think here: (link)

As you can see, we are a community of beer bloggers. We don’t compete against each other, we work together and have fun together. Guaranteed you will find something everyday from at least one of us and it is all for the love of beer.