The Month of Many Brewfests

There is a ton of Brewfests and events coming up in the next couple weekends and I want to make sure you are all aware of what’s going on. Below is the calendar you can find all the time by going up to the ‘Calendar’ tab in the menu bar. If you can’t see the calendar below click here for a screenshot.

Click on the event for more details. Please let me know if I am missing anything and I will update this calendar. You can also find out how to put this calendar on your phone using the same ‘Calendar’ tab on the menu bar (how nice am I?). As for me, I will be attending the Friday Octoberfest session in Boston. A big one to note is the Passport event in Portsmouth on September 24, which is said to be an excellent event and sadly I can’t make it. If you attend any of theses events (or any unlisted) I would love a guest post from you re-capping the event for everyone.

Let the fests begin!