#BBC Speed Blogging, It’s Love

If there is one thing to take the awkwardness out of Speed Dating, it’s beer, and lots of it. Imagine coming to speed dating where you sit a table, don’t move a muscle, and allow 8 brewers to come to YOU and give you beer and talk to you about them. Yup, that happened! Speed Blogging was brought back by popular demand from last year’s conference. The premise is as stated above, but the brewers only have 5 minutes per table and we are challenged to write notes about them as they speak a mile a minute. Here is what went down.

Blue Moon Vintage Blonde (Chardonnay grapes)
This beer won best fruit beer at GABF last year. Not in stores yet, this one smelled of green grapes. Not as grapey as I thought and when she mentioned it, it tasted of crisp green apple. Wine lovers my like this and at 8.5% its wicked drinkable.

New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale (gluten free)
With ingreditents like Sorgum, tapioca and brown rice this beer wasn’t for me, but it could be the one for you! Smells spicey, tastes dry. Fun fact, if your beer is gluten free you must disclose all your ingredients on the bottle.

Ninkasi Total Domination IPA (pitched by Darth Vader)
Correct me if I’m wrong conference attenders, but I’m pretty sure that was Jamie Floyd, Owner and Founding Brewer of Ninkasi in the Darth Vader Costume. Total Domination IPA is in the Ninkasi Four Pack as well as separate and I noted it wasn’t too overwhelming on the hops or boozieness. Great brew.

Deschutes 2011 Jubelale (pre-release)
Right as I was complaining about Pumpkin Beers coming too early, along strolls in Deschutes with their Jubelale winter! Smelles fruity and definitely doesn’t taste over spicey like a lot of winter beers. I’d get it. Man, Deschutes makes awesome beers. Their Hop in the Dark CDA I could write pages about but it mostly consist of the word love.

Oakshire Brewing Overcast Espresso Stout (pitched by head brewer Matt)
I L-O-V-E Coffee Stouts as you know. This was a huge win for me. This bad boy is made with 10 gallons of esspresso steeped for 26 hours and comes out at 5.8% abv, wow.

Breakside Brewing Gin Barrel Sour Double Wit (pitched by head brewer Ben)
This is a souped up Belgian Wheat Beer. Fermented in steel then put in a gin barrel for 2 months. Sour but crisp enough where it doesn’t last long. Lemon maragne tartness (if that’s even a thing) and reminded me of Sprees or pixie sticks. Not too shabby and is said to go really well with scallops.

Widmer Brothers’ Reserve Prickly Pear Braggot (pitched by Rob Widmer, himself)
The Widmer swung by the conference to pour some 2010 Braggot. Tasted dusty and had a honey flavor. Wasn’t my favorite which is their Pitch Black IPA

Karl Strauss Boardwalk Black Rye
This won best in show for me and was saved for last. Ryan Ross of Karl Strauss came by with their Black Rye. As a way to make fun of all the names (Cascadian Dark Ale, Black IPA, Black Lager, Black Ale, etc) they came up with Black Rye. Someone took the last bottle home with them before I could make my way to it. I gotta get my hands on it to have more than a sip and 5 minutes with.

Exhausted? I was too after 40 minutes of constant sipping and blogging but I do it for you! Its tough (humble brag) but someone has to do it 🙂