Throwback Brewery Doors are Wide Open

Just before heading to Portland for the Beer Bloggers Conference I told myself not to think about beer for the weekend before. Sure enough that didn’t last, as Throwback Brewery opened up on Saturday and were passing out tasters and filling growlers! It was a packed house but that didn’t stop this guy from muscling through the masses for some tastes.

As you can see, Throwback can easily be missed since it is tucked away in a industrial park so bring a map!

This board shows all of the beers available at the brewery. It also lists the price to buy a bottle, growler or keg! Only a couple were missing/ out of season, most importantly their Fat Alberta Peanut Butter Imperial Stout

Grab a taster glass for $5 and you can try 3oz pours of every one of their beers. Or get 1oz samples for free

Ignore the other bottles (for now) and check out the shape of Throwback's growler. Sexy? Yup.

Throwback is open Thursday and Friday 4pm-7pm and Saturday 1pm-4pm. Stop in for some samples and take some home with you. You can also find them on tap in town now. Last spotted at Flatbread and Blue Mermaid. Come and get it 🙂