My Tiny Beer Drinkers Guide to Portland, OR

In the city of Portland alone there are 40 Breweries…I’ll let that fact sink in… While you can not visit them all in a couple days without an extra liver or more time in the day I did my best to hit some hot spots.

Burnside Brewery is a pretty new brewery in town. Their Oatmeal Pale Ale and Sweet Heat beers pack a nice punch and were among my favorite of the trip.

The coolest looking flight award goes to Hopworks Brewery. Excellent selection of their own beer.

If you want to drink beer while shopping for bottles, Belmont Station is the place you need to be. While the idea isn't new in Portland it sure is a sight for a New Englander!

Hair of the Dog Brewery has a cool industrial feel to it and has a great selection of beer. I tried their sampler and a 2008 Cherry Adam. If you can find some of their beer you're in good hands

I am not a sour beer fan, but if you are this is the perfect place for you. With all sour beers tap, Cascade Brewing's know for tapping some of the finest Sours.

A beer drinker has to eat, right? Voodoo Donuts is an institution in Portland and has a crazy selection of donuts. I got the Old Dirty Bastard which had Peanut Butter and crumbled Oreos, huminah huminah!

I rarely eat huge breakfasts, but after a long flight I needed this bad boy. Pine State Biscuits has a couple locations in town and their 'Reggie Deluxe' is no joke. Biscuit, Fried Chicken, Gravy, Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Biscuit. Washed it town with a sweet tea from a mason jar. Boom.

That's not just any beer. That my friends is Pliny the Elder. In search of great hard to find beer this is or should be at the top of everyone's list. Not only did I track it down I found it by accident. After ordering a beer at APEX I overheard someone ask "What's on the Secret Tap?". Secret tap?? Sure enough Pliny was pouring strong and all was well with the world. Does any other bar in the US have a secret tap I don't know about?

Words can't describe the awesomeness of this bar. Bailey's taproom is my pick for best bar in Portland if not the best bar I have ever been too. Take a look at there draft list. That's right, its DIGITAL. Not only is it digital but it shows the color of the beer, glass it will come in and shows you the status of the keg. Once the keg runs out it is removed from the list and, get this, updates the website and tweets the status. Are you kidding me? Oh and the coolest beer geek experience ever? Having your face on that draft list! See me? Check into the bar using Fourdquare or Untappd and your face is shown on the screen. Too many bruises from pinching myself at this place.

No doubt in my mind I missed some amazing places but this will get you started on the right path if you have a couple days to spare in Portland, OR. Whether they call it Portland or PDX, CDA or Black IPA, your beer bucket list will have a few more check marks after visiting.