Walk Over the Bridge to Carl’s for Great Beer

Yesterday I decided to hit the streets and go for a little exercise. I had already ran 4 miles that morning but it was too nice to stay in doors. Let’s walk to the beer store shal we? What do we have here?

Those familiar know this as the Memorial Bridge. Guess what cars? You can’t drive over this baby for 3 years due to it’s “accelerated deterioration” aka “lazy upkeep”. Fear not walkers, as we can still risk our lives and walk over it to Maine. Not to far over this bad boy is Carls Meat Market, one of Kittery’s finest establishments for both meat and beer.

I was in search of Maine’s finest (Rising Tide, Maine Beer Co, Baxter) and Carls has it all. I picked up some Risingtide Ursa Minor and as I turn to pay I saw another familiar beer. On my trip to Dublin in May, Lisa and I hit many a brewery including this one, Porterhouse. Carls had a 4 pack of one of their stouts so I had to pick it up. Check out the cool pull back cap on the Porterhouse beers. I remembered later that night how easy these stouts go down, really good. I didn’t want to get any more because I had to walk across that bridge again so I didn’t want to risk losing any beer in the Piscataqua River….or my life.

If you’re in the area you need to stop here to check out their beer selection as it has many of the beers you can’t get a half mile across the bridge in the Live Free or Die State. Other beers found here are the latest Dogfish releases, Smuttynose Big Beer, and many more. WARNING: while the bridge is safe to walk over, some of the boards seem a little too loose for my liking. You can get here by car by going over the Sara Long bridge (the one in the middle) faster/safer.