Social Media Update

Here at the Bev Lab, I am working on multiple ways to reach out to readers. While I rely on adding blogs to my Google Reader, you may want a different way to check out my awesome posts. Here is a list of ways you can keep in touch.


The heart and sould of the social network operation. I have met a ton of people through Twitter that have turned into true beer buddies. There’s no doubt that Twitter is a great stage for conversation and a great way to get news out. Follow me @SeacoastBevLab


I have been on facebook for a month or so and I am using it as a way to host discussions and put quick reviews up. I know a lot of my readers would rather see a new post pop up on Facebook rather than go to an RSS reader, it’s just easier for some. If you haven’t Liked my page, head over and check it out at


I love Untappd. It’s a cool way to see what your friends are drinking and discover new brews. With the recent aquisition of Red Pint, Untappd can only get better from here. Raise a glass over at


And of course you can see what brewery I am at next using Foursquare. Spy on me here:

Google +

This new fangled social site created by Google is very slowly working its way across the internet. I jumped in to see how beer lovers will converse and exchange ideas. I can see some value in Google + but not enough to convert every Facebook user just yet. Perhaps it will be good for a closer network of friends or like minded people who want to collaborate. Find me at

See? A billion ways (five ways) to keep in touch with the goings on at the Seacoast Beverage Lab. As always, email me with any ideas/comments/concerns.