Visiting Baxter Brewing Company

Last weekend I went and visited Baxter Brewing Company in Lewiston, ME. For those unfamiliar, Baxter is the first all canned brewery in the area. They have only been open less than a year and have made a HUGE name for themselves with only 2 beers, Pamola Extra Pale Ale and Stowaway IPA.

The drive to Lewiston from Portsmouth isn’t a short one (1hr45m) and although I don’t dislike Maine, the state is so darn big it feels like you drive forever and get nowhere. Anyway, the brewery is tucked in nicely in an old factory and their set up is currently small but they pump out a lot of beer. The tour is a standard Brewery tour and there is some great little tidbits that make Baxter unique, besides being all cans. Some of their equipment came from an old Ninkasi Brewery out of Oregon, which I thought was a great way to reuse equipment. Baxter’s mission is quite simple “We do what we can, and we can what we do”. They are currently planning on getting 2 more fermenters just to keep up with the crazy demand. When those are installed and running they hope to get started on another beer, totaling 3 beers for the brewery.

You can find Baxter cans using their can finder on their site which is ridiculously helpful for me. I found I can get cans in Kittery and on Draft in York if I wanted which I will sacrifice the 5 min drive across the border for without hesitation.

Baxter’s info:

Twitter (Yes they do read your tweets. The tour guide commented on my tweeting prior to coming to the brewery): @BaxterBrewing

Both beers taste great and I can and will easily stock my fridge with both. You can check out some more of my photos from my trip on my Facebook page. Baxter is also a great place to start the Maine Beer Trail. A stop here (Stop #5) and some lunch at Gritty’s across the river (Stop #10) will earn you 2 signatures on your pamphlet, one step closer to the big prize.

One last thing, go to Baxter Brewing Co. if you can make it. Well worth the trip and they have some serious merchandise. Check out this can shaped glass. Pick your jaws off the floor and get over to Baxter.