Fast Food Joints and Beer

Never thought I would have to hear the phrase “nothing sets off the flavor of a Whopper like some Bud Light” before. Two articles brought to my attention state that you may soon be able to grab your least favorite beer at your least favorite places to eat!

Case # 1- Burger King Whopper Bar (January 2010)

Burger King created the ultimate experience in some touristy spots by constructing a “Whopper Bar” that will allow you to super size your order with an aluminum bottle of Bud/Bud Light. Ever been to one of these? Read more here (link)

Case # 2- Sonic (June 2011)

In an much more recent article, Sonic would like to start rolling out beer and wine in their restaurants starting with one in Florida. I must admit, when the Sonic opened up on Route 1 in MA I went and enjoyed it. I mainly went for 2 reasons:

  1. To get tater tots with my burger
  2. The opportunity to see the servers on roller skates face plant (that didn’t happen)

While I still feel the same way as I did with Burger King, I think Sonic has an opportunity to stand out here. I could see myself grabbing a Cigar City beer with my order of Chili Cheese Tots. There’s something about Sonic that sets the fast food bar higher whereas BK offering Budweiser products adds to the already bad taste in your mouth.

That being said, imagine some of the combos offered

  • The Double Down- 2 cheese burgers and a Bud Light
  • The Big Fish- Filet-o-fish with a Bud Light Clamato
  • The Chicken-Weiser- 20 Piece Chicken Nugget with a Budweiser

What are your thoughts? I personally don’t dabble in the fast food arts unless I absolutely need to but I can see some cases where it could be ok. My final verdict is keep the two separate. However I would imagine the Drive Thru orders would get interesting :).