Heading to BBC 2011 aka Beervana

BBC11 Badge

After months of hesitation (mainly airfare prices) I finally did the ole click of the mouse and signed up to attend the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland, OR. I heard great things about last year’s conference in Boulder, CO, but now it’s my turn to check out the conference in “beervana”. I am looking forward to taking my blog to the next level, and while heading to some conference doesn’t automatically make you a better blogger, it simply brings a lot of like minded people together to sit around and discuss our passion for blogging about beer.

Things I am looking forward to

  • Interacting face to face with the bloggers whom blogs I have been reading since I got started. Some of which were my inspiration for starting back in March 2010.
  • Visiting a Hop Field
  • Having organized discussions about bettering blogs, blogging skills and reaching out to a broader audience
  • Learning more about beer, obviously
  • Most importantly, having a great time with people I have never met in person

My main focus has been to interest my readers and potential readers. I am hoping I can get some great tips to help give my awesome readers a better experience here at the Beverage Lab. 🙂

Until August 19 rolls around I will be getting more content out to you and as always I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

One last note, it would be nice to have a couple east coasters come with me. I will be heading there with Sean and Jay from 2beerguys, but it would be great to have Carla aka the Beer Babe return to the conference. You can help her get there by picking up some of her awesome stickers she made for beer lovers. Check out the stickers here (link) and help Carla join us in Oregon!

All for now, wish me luck.