Guest Post- @Abull55 ‘s ACBF Recap

For those still coming off the American Craft Beer Fest and American Craft Beer Week, I asked Alex (@Abull55) to do a quick recap of his experience at the fest. Take it away Alex!

The American Craft Beer Fest was held on Saturday June 4th at the Seaport Trade Center in Boston. The ACBF was another well done event by the Beer Advocate team which is headed by the Alstrom Brothers. The ACBF is the largest event put on by Beer Advocate about 5 times bigger than Extreme Beer Fest and Belgian Beer Fest. This year there was approximately 100 brewers , 500 beers and 5000 people per each of the 3 sessions. As a quick side note, 5000 people all at some level of intoxication in basically one large room and having no known altercations is amazing.

Now on to the highlights (IMHO). The brewers that stuck out were Surly, JackieO’s, Notch Session, Goose Island and Lawson’s Finest Liquids. This was my first time having fresh Surly only previously having their cans. I thought Surlys Moe’s Bender (a coffee chocolate brown ale) and Darkness ( an Imperial Stout) were phenomenal. JackieO’s was a brewery I always wanted to try to trade for and I was lucky enough to try their Dark Apparition ( an Imperial Stout) and the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Raccoon Dubbel (A dubbel). These beers from JackieO’s showed me why they are so sought after on the trading sites. Goose Island had some of the longest lines but the wait was worth it for the Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout which was as close to liquid velvet as possible. After having multiple samples from Lawson’s Finest Liquids at the Brattelboro Vermont Festival I had to stop to get my fix of Double Sunshine and also sampled Sean’s collaboration brew with The Bruery , Acer Quercus. So far I have only named big boy beers but NotchSession had an incredible Cask Pils which I will have a tough time forgetting. There were many other fine beers but these were my favorites out of the 50 I tried, but one can only abuse ones liver so much.

The second part of a fest is the people. 5000 people and no matter who I stood with in line I had a good conversation but like my favorite beers I had some favorite people. Some old friends like Tara, Jamie and Sean. New friends like my homebrew club members ( 3 of which were there). I also got to meet up with my Twitter people @beerzengirl, @MAgirlspintout and @realbeernut. Overall a great fest and I can’t wait to get my ticket for next year.

Some more photos for your viewing pleasure:

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