The @TheBeerRunner Beer Allowance Calculator

Ever wonder how many beers you are allowed in order to cancel out a hard days gardening, bowling, biking, running, shoveling, etc? Worry no more, @TheBeerRunner has a calculator for it.

A little background on TheBeerRunner, Tim. He is a writer for Draft Magazine and much like me, a runner! He just surpassed 1,000 miles of Biking and Running this year and has been running every day for 254ish days straight. As a runner I must express my fascination with that. Running every day takes crazy mental/physical stability!

Back to the calculator. If you head over to Draft Magazine’s website you can see if for yourself. ( You simply type in your weight, activity and minutes performing said activity. Then the magic calculator will show you how many of what beers you are allowed to drink based on your calories burned. Here is a sample of mine from my run today (Running 8 min miles for 32 mins).

This isn’t just for running. As I mentioned you can look up gardening, bowling, sweeping, shoveling, golf and even kickball. Give it a look! For more info on Tim aka TheBeerRunner, check out his page on Draft Magazine’s webpage (link).

Side note: Looks like I could’ve enjoyed 20 Redhook Longhammer IPAs after my Great Wall of China Marathon.