Sodastream Review

I’m a big seltzer drinker. What started as a vice to keep me away from Soda turned into an all out addiction. While it’s not as costly as soda (money-wise and weight wise) I came across a solution to save a little coin and still drink as much seltzer as I want. You’ve probably heard of it before. I’m talking about the Sodastream.

I had seen the displays at the store with the big “Make your own soda!” signs. Didn’t appeal to me because I haven’t had a sip of soda since Sept 5, 2005 :). My friend Danielle recently got one and mentioned she and her hubby make seltzer with it and love it. The system is very simple, you pump CO2 in water and add the flavoring to turn it into soda. But if you don’t add the syrup…it isn’t soda…duh!

So after doing the math I realized I was dumping money away by continuing to by cans and that this was indeed a cost effective measure. I won’t bore you with the math. We head to Bed Bath and Beyond, coupon in hand. After doing the ‘pre-buyer’s remorse’ stare at the product display, we bought it. Here’s what came with it:

Sodastream System

  • 1 CO2 Tank (carbonates 60L of water)
  • Sampler of soda syrup with clever names to tell you what soda they are trying to taste like
  • Sampler of 3 Seltzer flavors (Orange, Raspberry and Lemon/Lime). Adds a nice touch to the seltzer
  • 2 Bottles

Extremely easy to set up. Screw the tank into the system, pour water into the bottle and screw it into the machine and pump the CO2 into the water. The machine doesn’t require any power outlet which makes for good storage. Eurika! The water is carbonated and tastes like store bought seltzer. You can then add the flavors you want to make it a flavored seltzer or make it taste like soda. I find that the seltzer is better when the water is already cold (stored in the fridge before use or using water from a Brita).

The best part is when the CO2 tank runs out you can exchange it at Bed Bath and Beyond (or any other store that can exchange) for $14 instead of paying full price for a tank, genius! Worth the buy? Absolutely! We picked ours up from Bed Bath for $80 for the whole kit (using 20% off coupon) which is just as cheap as there basic level model.

For more information check out their website