Portsmouth Brewery’s 20th Birthday Recap

Last week Portsmouth Brewery celebrated their 20th Birthday and they celebrated in style. While I didn’t plan on attending every event they had…I did. Here’s a recap.

Motty’s Crew

Tod Mott is a master at his craft and he called upon some brewer pals to help add the 20 Malts and 20 Hops to this old Ale
1) Tod Mott- Portsmouth Brewery
2) Tyler Jones- Portsmouth Brewery
3) Tyson Demurs- Portsmouth Brewery
4) Peter Egelston- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose Brewing Company/Northampton Brewery
5) Chuck Doughty- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
6) Paul Murphy- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
7) Sean Navish- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery
8- Keith Gosselin- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
9) JT Thompson- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
10) Charlie Ireland- Smuttynose
11) Chris Kluun- Smuttynose
12) Tom Ostromecky- Smuttynose
13) Zach Boda- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Current Allagash
14) Jason Perkins- Allagash
15) Andy Schwartz- Craft Brewers Alliance
16) Jim Sipp- Craft Brewers Alliance
17) Alex Kopf- Craft Brewers Alliance
18) Will Meyers- Cambridge Brewing Company
19) Greg Oulette- Martha’s Exchange
20) Steve Schmidt- Meantime Brewing Company
21) Yvan de Baets- Brasserie de la Senne
22) Paul Davis- Prodigal Brewing Company

This is a must try beer. I was skeptical at first considering its big beer nature but the sweetness comes out just enough to hide the big 10% ABV kick. Along with this beer came a slew of new glasses and tee shirts. I am digging the fancy new glasses that the big beers are served in, as well as the Pilsner glass. There is still some on tap and since they will not be bottling any or putting any into growlers, there will be plenty to go around.

Studio 56

The Brewery turned the restaurant into a dance club for one night to celebrate by dancing the night away. My dad was in town and wanted to check it out. Dance clubs aren’t my thing but I sucked it up, knowing at very least I could have a good beer. The DJ was blaring music and there were 2 rappers along side him. It wasn’t my favorite thing the brewery has done. The crowd was different than the usual crowd which is good to bring new people in, but the vibe was just different. If this happens only once every 20 years I’d be cool with that. But boy was the Mottly’s Crew pouring well that evening :).


Sitting around thinking what we would have for lunch, Lisa brings up the BBQ. $5 for a plate at this buffet style BBQ, done and done. They had a great selection of food including fantastic BBQ chicken, Hamburgs, Hot Dogs, Sausages, Corn and a lot more. It was well worth the $5 and it was a nice way to end the weekend.

Again, congrats to the Brewery for 20 years of service to the city of Portsmouth and the palates of all beer drinkers who come from far and wide to taste your beer. Here’s to 20 more!