@RedPint Aquired by @Untappd- Best of Both Worlds

A while back I had posted about the beer mobile app battle that was going on between Beerby and Redpint (link). After that post I got an email from the people at Untappd and asked if I would try their app and compare it to the others. After a couple weeks of use I found that more and more of my friends (twitter, facebook, etc) were using Untappd. I had been a heavy RedPint user (note the founder emblem on the right of this post 🙂 ) but the problem was I had to go to two places to see who was drinking what. A lot friends were not using RedPint which made me sad because it had a great interface and allowed you to put photos up with your check-ins.

Untappd has grown by leaps and bounds over the past months and just recently celebrated their 1,000,000th check in! Along with this celebration came bigger news, Untappd recently acquired RedPint!

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for both companies. I really look forward to seeing what John and Alicia will bring to Untappd.

Things I would like to see brought over from RedPint to Untappd
-Photo’s with Check-Ins
-Ability to write a custom location (B’s House, In Bed, on a Boat)
-An Official iPhone app!

Let’s all congratulate the two companies on the news and spread the word to make the app the beer check-in app.

For more information on the acquisition check out the latest Untappd Blog Post.