Craft Beer in Dublin Part 1: Guinness

Dublin is the home to one of the World’s most well known beers. Do I have to mention it? Guinness, if you don’t know. In every single pub, craft beer bar or not, Guinness is is on tap. It’s a local staple and the locals drink it by the pint (gallon if they could). I thought the locals would look down on it much like we do to Bud/Coors but nope, they can’t get enough. But in order to understand this love you need to visit the Guinness Brewery which, if they are brewing that day, you can smell from the city center.

This is one brewery tour you need to put in your beer bucket list. For the experienced tour taker, this tour is unlike any other. Sure the ‘brewing basics’ are to be expected, but with 6 floors leading up to the Gravity Bar, a 360 degree view of Dublin while you sip your Guinness, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest :). Last time I was there (2007) I went right to the Gravity Bar and got my complimentary pint of Guinness and enjoyed the view.

This time? I poured the perfect pint. As part of the tour you can either get a free pint at the top of the Brewery or learn to pour your own pint. Lisa and I accepted the challenge and I’ll admit, she poured a better pint. It’s definitely feels right pouring your own Guinness in Dublin. There Is much to learns outside of the brewing process at this brewery, such as the family history and look at the evolution of the beer over time.

Did you know?
Arthur Guinness took out a 9000 year lease in 1759 for the 4 acres of land that Guinness currently sits on for a mere 45 euros a year!

I have been really fortunate to be able to visit this brewery twice, and if I have any pull I may be back later in life just for the heck of it.

More to come on the craft beer scene in Dublin!