Introducing Taplister

One of my goals for the new year was to update everyone on the ever-changing taps in the area. I called on some of you to help and the assistance has been awesome. Their is now a way easier and smarter way to get the current tap lists in town, Taplister.

For starters, Taplister was only available out west but I made the request to have the creators put Portsmouth on the map. Yesterday I got an email saying Portsmouth now has its own place on Taplister and we can begin using it.

What is Taplister?

Simple. Taplister is a site that let’s users/bar owners enter what beers are on tap at bars/restaurants around town. You can do this multiple ways. You can add them from the website or your phone through twitter or an app (which I think is the best part). Anyone can contribute and all you need is a Twitter account.


Taplister has integrated ratings on the website to let you see the rating of a certain beer on tap in your area. Pretty cool huh?

I’m going to give these guys a try and I encourage you to check it out and help update the taps in town. There is definietely room for improvement in the layout department. They have improved the layout over time and are constantly working on making it look better.

For more information head on over to the Taplister Portsmouth website, here, or click my ‘What’s on Tap’ link at the top. They also have apps for Andorid and iPhone Also, they are looking for Boston bloggers/tweeters/beer drinkers to help with their Boston page. Send them a note (